Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Malaysia in the TOP 10!!!!! Yahooooo....!!

TOP 10 RICHEST Countries in ASIA
Country GDP per capita
10. China $6,100
9. Armenia $6,600
8. Thailand $8,700
7. Azerbaijan $9,500
6. Kazakhstan $12,000
5. Malaysia $15,700
4. Korea, South$27,100
3. Japan $35,300
2. Singapore $52,900
1. Brunei $54,100

new thing for you guy!!!

this is what i learnt from internet yesterday...
anybody ever heard about Voice type?
according to, Male voices can be divided into 4 types while female voices are 3 types..
Voice Types
i)Countertenor ii)Tenor
iii)Baritone iv)Bass

i)Soprano ii)Mezzo Soprano

They level a singer (especially) based on the note that they could reach

for local singer (female),
Idayu, Nikki-Soprano
Ziana Zain- Mezzo Soprano
Siti Nurhaliza- Contralto

for international singer (female),
Mariah Carey- Soprano (although she herself admit her voice is alto( around contralto))
Whitney Houston-Mezzo Soprano
Contralto-Kathleen Ferrier

*Britney Jean Spears has a Soubrette voice, which is similar to a young girl. For young girls who have this type of voice, they fortunately can upgrade themself into any types of voices stated above by the time they being matured.

Enough?? or want more..?
Though wanna stop here loh..
got work to deal of..

Sunday, October 11, 2009

welcome for my self !!

ni ari pertama aku wat blog sendiri...but it's not family too..actually,before this pon aku penah wat gak,tapi untuk orang lain..
x de mase la nk wat sendiri..busy ngan study dan bagai lagi..
insyaAllah kat sini nanti aku muatkan pelbagai pic2 aku ngan korang.. family,video2 untuk tatapan umum..
hope u all enjoy la..
so,jom kite enjoy!